Enhancing the life of cooking oil, increasing profits/savings and improving the overall quality of your life.

It’s a known fact that different cuisines of the world involve the use of a significant amount of cooking oil. In the right amounts, oil is an essential component for taste and an important addition to our daily diet. Reusing of oil is an extremely common practice seen in homes, hotels, restaurants and other snack manufacturing businesses around the world. However, a positive step such as the usage of Filtratech ULTRA, can go a long way in terms of making cooking oil healthier and safer to ingest with a longer life.

Over the past two decades, the world’s consumption of cooking oil has tripled as a result of population growth, rising incomes, food brands and the emergence of multiple dining options to cater to the ever expanding customers.

In India, cooking oil consumption per person has increased from 15.80 kg per year in 2013 to 19.00 kg per year in 2022. This means on an average each Indian consumes 19.00 kg of edible oil annually. This translates into a staggering volume of cooking oil which is consumed by a population of approximately 1.45 billion people – this is just for India.

India is the top importer of cooking oil in the world and it imports almost 60% of its domestic requirements. In 2013 India imported approximately 10.38 million tons which has then increased to approximately 13.30 million tons of cooking oil in 2022.In value terms this means a foreign exchange outflow of approximately USD 10 billion every year.

Filtratech ULTRA was developed with the intention to : 

  • Increase the life of cooking oil, keep it healthier and fresh for a longer duration and reduce the purchase of new cooking oil.
  • Significantly reduce the health problems caused by the consumption of Total Polar Material (TPM) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA) – these are found in large quantities in used cooking oil. A majority of this consumption happens due to the lack of awareness of the severe negative effects of reusing unfiltered cooking oil. This contributes significantly to the increased number of cases in heart diseases, hypertension (high BP), diabetes and liver diseases.
  • Used cooking oil filtered using Filtratech ULTRA significantly reduces the presence of Total Polar Material (TPM) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA) thereby making the cooking healthy and fresh for consumption.

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